The Way to Modern Parenting

At Rolider Center we offer a clinically proven, highly effective, and unique approach to parent and educator training

Rolider Center aims to improve the relationship between parents and their children and to allow them the opportunity to grow and develop in a healthy, functional and optimal manner. The center was established to help parents and educators to effectively deal with children’s behavioral issues and pave the way for a new parenting perspective by providing practical tools and dedicated support.

Speaking Engagements

As an integral part of his philosophy, Prof. Rolider devotes a large portion of his time to improving the relationship between parents and their children by speaking to both parents and educators on a wide variety of topics. Such talks are also available for companies and organizations. In his talks, Prof. Rolider imparts his professional knowledge, which is based on his vast experience, and provides practical tips which can be applied immediately in real life situations.

Professional Training

Prof. Amos Rolider and the certified staff at Rolider Center offer a wide variety of teaching programs, both in various academic institutions and in the center. We offer Parent and Family studies in the Rolider Approach; practical workshops for parents and educators; and advanced studies for professionals which include lectures, workshops and seminars on topics relating to behavior analysis practice and implementation.

Parent Training

Using a clinically proven approach that swiftly provides long-term results, we train and coach parents, as well as other significant caregivers in the child’s life, not only in theory but in real-time practice. Our hands-on support allows parents to establish and apply change in all areas of life and make the required adjustments, and continues until all changes become an inseparable part of the family’s day to day life.

The Unique Approach

Rolider Center’s parent training model is based on the principles of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). It is the most established and effective clinical-scientific approach for resolving behavioral challenges and treating neurologic and ADHD disorders. The Rolider Approach acknowledges that behavioral challenges in kids and teens often stem from physiological and environmental factors that are related to their history and developmental stages, but their manifestation in the present is directly linked to interactions with significant caregivers in the children’s life.

 Our approach claims that a change in a child’s behavior is born out of the transformation in the significant caregivers’ reaction. Therefore, our programs focus on training the caregivers in a child’s life – namely parents, other family members and educators. The involvement of all significant caregivers in the process is a vital and central factor, which determines the success of each program and can positively affect a child’s academic achievements, social interactions and overall behavior.

 Our vast experience has proven that constant cooperation of all relevant caregivers is the key for success. Therefore, we provide both training sessions and hands-on practical coaching in the home and school environment. Each program is customized to the child and family in question and has a dual purpose:

1. Treat the child’s issues and transform their behavior.

2. Provide parents and educators with the tools for managing inappropriate behaviors, while helping them teach the child accountability, independence, self-restraint and respect.

Our Professional Team

All therapists and counselors working in Rolider Center are certified and experienced and have been specifically trained in our unique analysis and treatment approach. All staff members are closely and personally coached by Prof. Rolider and a dedicated professional team, and constantly undergo additional professional training.

Our Centers

Rolider Center in Tel Aviv – Central District
Merkaz Yesod, 22 Isserles St, 3rd floor, Tel Aviv 04-6487833